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Sample Data

Sample data sets (click on the links to load the corresponding regions and parameters in the interface):

1) Sample 1 - NF-YA summits in K562 cells (sorted according to enrichment)

2) Sample 2 - Mouse ESC cells (unsorted)

c-Myc CTCF E2F1 Esrrb Klf4
n-Myc Nanog Oct4 Smad1 Sox2
Stat3 Tcfcp2l1 Zfx

3) Sample 3 - Stat3 in four mouse cell types (sorted)

AtT-20 ESCs Macrophages
CD4 Any three Shared

4) Sample 4 - E2F1 summits in HeLa-S3 cells

5) Sample 5 - NRF1 summits in human ESC cells (unsorted)

Sample matrix (to be uploaded together with Sample 5):

NRF1 Matrix